joycephotoOur firm handles legal matters in the following practice areas: Practice in Bankruptcy Litigation, Commercial Litigation, particularly in Federal Court, Bankruptcy Reorganization, Commercial Insolvency, Creditor's Rights, Mediation, Arbitration, Business Law and Civil Litigation.

Although we focus on small to medium business bankruptcy cases for debtors and creditors, we are  experienced in consumer and personal bankruptcy as well.

When you're worried about paying bills, seeing your options clearly is next to impossible. And if you're getting threatening phone calls from creditors or your home is in foreclosure, time is of the essence. We are here to help.

Our staff is dedicated to helping find the best overall solution to your problems. Within our firm, you will have access to all financial-relief services available under the law. You will be working with attorneys who are well qualified in the field, and will guide you toward the right choice for your situation. It may even be a choice you had never thought possible.


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